Upcoming events -

Moyhill Farm - Tree Planting with IDE

In October, a group from IDE are joining Moyhill Farm, Co Clare to plant and camp. Moy hill is a community farm which also runs charity to grow Irish native trees #moretreesplease - https://www.moyhillfarm.com/hometree

As per the website -

“moy hill is a farm: we grow worthy food, build soil, regenerate systems, plant flowers and trees and work to leave what is in our care healthier than we found it. moy hill is also a community: we grow culture, honesty, accountability, reverence and joy.”

Our team is looking forward for the opportunity of connecting with the land and community, and invites anyone interested to contact us and come along!

The more trees the better please. Email - irishdocsenv@gmail.com


Climate Strike - September 20th 2019

Calling on all doctors and medical students to join us on September 20th. If you're post-call, post-nights, take study leave or annual leave, come join us in scrubs on the streets of Dublin. #climatestrike #IDE

It is our duty to stand as civilians, walk out as citizens of Earth with our friends around the world and demand governments take action.

We think of Greta Thunbergs quote, “Until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than what is politically possible, there is no hope.”

IDE & DOTMD collaboration

IDE are delighted to announce their collaboration with www.dotmd.ie, a medical conference being held on Sep 13 & 14 in Galway, Ireland which describes itself as a “2 day festival of curiosity for doctors and healthcare practitioners looking for more from medicine, which aims to reawaken a sense of wonder and curiosity about medicine that some may have lost along the way - and help them find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their working lives.”

We are working together on creating and promoting “Green Medical Conferences” as outlined by guidelines produced by our colleagues in Australia.

IDE Working Parties

At IDE we are preparing for the year ahead and looking for ways to get you involved. Becoming active in climate change can seem overwhelming - we have created different groups that you can select to take part in.

These several working sub-groups at IDE covering different aspects of healthcare and climate change and include. 

- Direct Action group
- Divestment from Fossil Fuel
- Inclusion of Climate Change in the Medical Curriculum
- Green Medical conference group
- Sustainable Diet in Healthcare Facilities
- Healthcare Waste
- Green prescribing

Previous Events include -


IDE Presents - John Gibbons “The Last Century” in Patagonia Dublin

In this powerful and timely talk, long time environmental campaigner and journalist John Gibbons shows us just how bad the situation is now, what that transformative change might look like and how each of us can act

Based in Dublin, John Gibbons has been writing and campaigning on the environmental and climate crises for the last decade and more. This included a two and a half year stint as weekly environmental columnist with the Irish Times. He also maintains an environmental blog at ThinkOrSwim.ie. He has appeared on RTE, the BBC and has written for the Guardian newspaper and British Medical Journal, among others.

Doors open at 6.30pm and the talk starts at 7pm.
Free entry. All welcome.
Seats are given on a first come first serve basis.

IDE Presents Ocean Human Health weekend

In conjunction with World Water Day, the first international World Reef Day in June 2019, IDE linked forces with Dr Easkey Britton (PHD), a social scientist, ocean - lover and big wave surfer to explore the links between healthy oceans & healthy humans.

A sold-out event was held in the Model, Sligo with international guests including Luz & Julia from the SOPHIE & Wild Sea team.

Check out the fantastic resources at



IDE presents Environmental Protection Agency

Mr Johnathan Derham on behalf of EPA will be speaking to the public on the current and emerging challenges for the environment and health nexus.


Fintan Gunne Theatre, Catherine McAuley Centre

21 Nelson Street 



Wed, 27 February 2019

19:00 – 21:00 GMT

Food as Medicine- Evidence based guide to plant based nutrition

March 9th 2019

An event being held by our recent associates -

“Plant Based Doctors Ireland invite you to Irelands first medical conference exploring the exciting possibilities of plant based nutrition to not only prevent but to treat and reverse common chronic diseases.”

Tickets available at -


This legal action taken by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) is the first case in Ireland in which citizens are seeking to hold their government accountable for its role in knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change. Legislation is key to promoting action.



Climate Justice

December 5th

“Worried about climate change? Frustrated at the government's inaction? Eager to do something to get your elected representative to take #ClimateActionNow?”


Irish Doctors for the Environment present on Dec 5th -

Victor Branagan, (M.Sc. M.B.S.) the producer and presenter of Clearly Sustainable


Victor was the first speaker of many whom we plan to host in the coming months. He brought a unique perspective to the ways in which we think about climate change. 

He emphasized the importance of “systems thinking”, as well as “linear thinking”. What this means is that, in order to effectively tackle climate change, we must think not just about individual actions we can take, but we should learn to adapt to our environment as it changes. We look forward to our next speaker in the new year and hope you can join us.