Sustainable Health Care


As healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility of care to our patients. IDE also believe we have a duty to carry out this work in a sustainable manner in our environment. We are delighted to team up with the international organization -

“Health Care Without Harm”

to mobilize health care in Ireland to lead by example by committing to renewable energy and to become influential advocates for clean air and a healthy climate.

For the month of January 2019, we aim to provide information on healthcare sustainability. Check out our links below for further information, and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

“To walk through a forest uncharacteristically barren of snow in wintertime, or through a hospital ward dominated by older and chronically ill patients, is to witness two of the greatest challenges of our time: the degradation of the Earth's ecosystems and the shift in human disease towards that driven by our lifestyles and our surroundings. Both challenges are inseparable: climate change, ecosystem destruction, massive losses in biodiversity, a warming ocean, soil degradation, and pollution are wreaking havoc on our planet and sickening us.”

Lancet Global Health - Human health and environmental sustainability: the 21st century's grand challenges